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            It is noted that your manuscript needs careful editing by someone with expertise in technical English editing paying particular attention to English grammar, spelling, and sentence structure so that the goals and results of the study are clear to the reader.


            ◆ In general, there is a lack of explanation of replicates and statistical me thods used in the study.

            ◆ Furthermore, an explanation of why the authors did these various experiments should be provided.


            Also, there are few explanations of the rationale for the study design.


            The conclusions are overstated. For example, the study did not show if the side effects from initial copper burst can be avoid with the polymer formulation.


            A hypothesis needs to be presented。


            What was the rationale for the film/SBF volume ratio?


            Try to set the problem discussed in this paper in more clear,write one section to define the problem.


            ◆ In addition, the list of references is not in our style. It is close but not completely correct. I have attached a pdf file with "Instructions for Authors" which shows examples.

            ◆ Before submitting a revision be sure that your material is properly prepared and formatted. If you are unsure, please consult the formatting nstructions to authors that are given under the "Instructions and Forms" button in he upper right-hand corner of the screen.



            ◆ The authors must have their work reviewed by a proper translation/reviewing service before submission; only then can a proper review be performed. Most sentences contain grammatical and/or spelling mistakes or are not complete sentences.

            ◆ As presented, the writing is not acceptable for the journal. There are problems with sentence structure, verb tense, and clause construction.

            ◆ The English of your manuscript must be improved before resubmission. We strongly suggest that you obtain assistance from a colleague who is well-versed in English or whose native language is English.

            ◆ the quality of English needs improving.