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            Dear xxx,

            Thanks for your letter in response to our previous submission of our manuscript (ABAB-3437). After having carefully read your letter, I feel little bit confused as your decision. The two reviewers and you previously suggested that our manuscript (ABAB-3437) could be accepted for publication should we be prepared to incorporate minor revisions. We had revised our manuscript carefully and complemented some experiments raised by the reviewers. The rejected decision of the Editorial Board might be because that we did not answer some of the reviewers’ comments clearly. We carefully considered the reviewers’ comments again and have further modified the manuscript according to your letters. In addition, we have consulted a professional language editing services to check the English.

            We believe our manuscript (ABAB-3437) is potentially publishable for the following reasons.

            First, this work presents interesting results on XXXXXXXXXX(省略……)

            We understand that the misunderstanding might be caused by the unclear description in our manuscript, but we believe that the results are of merit and the paper is potentially publishable in the journal. Therefore, we would be most grateful if you could re-consider our work and give us a second opportunity. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. Looking forward to hearing from you,

            With best regards,

            xxx and xxx


            Dear Editor,

            Thank you for your kind attention to consider our manuscript. We have not the slightest grudge against the rejection. However,the reviewer’s report is quite unconvincing and unfair, or, if we may say,somewhat irresponsible for our work. So, we have to give a rebuttal against the comments of the first and the only reviewer by accommodating the reviewer’s comments.


            In short, we could not accept the comments given by the reviewer #1, and we would be very grateful if the editor can justify our rebuttals and reconsider our manuscript.

            Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

            Best regards,

            Your Name