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          SCI投稿加分必備:Cover Letter寫作模板

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            SCI論文Cover Letter即投稿信的寫作是非常重要的,一封條理清晰的投稿信可以給期刊編輯留下一個非常好的印象,讓其為文章獲得加分。所以對于SCI論文Cover Letter投稿信的寫作,這里也是給大家簡單地介紹一下該如何去寫,以及分享其寫作模板。

          SCI投稿加分必備:Cover Letter寫作模板

            一般在SCI期刊中會有對Cover Letter投稿信寫作的相關要求,如所包括的內容和格式,所以首先要仔細閱讀目標期刊的投稿要求。然后為其制定一個大概的框架,之后就是主體部分的寫作,以及完善開頭和結尾部分,如開頭的日期、稱呼,末尾的致謝及作者姓名等等,這些都是必要的。

            Cover Letter寫作模板:

            Title: Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, or Co-Editors-in-Chief

            Journal Name

            Journal Address

            Submission Date: Month Day, Year

            Dear Dr./Mr./Ms. Editor’s last name or Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief:

            Paragraph 1 [1-2 Sentences]: Introduce the manuscript title under submission with a brief summary of the manuscript’s major point or findings.

            Paragraph 2 [ 2-3 Sentences]: Explain how the manuscript relates to recent publications in the journal.

            Paragraph 3 [2-5 Sentences]: Provide context for the research. Explain how the research relates to the journal’s aim and scope. Describe how the manuscript/research appeals to the journal’s audience.

            Paragraph 4 [1-3 Sentences]: A statement that the manuscript has not been previously published nor is under consideration by any other journal. If there are multiple authors, a statement that they have all approved the content of the paper. Occasionally, you might include if you have publicly presented the research elsewhere.

            Paragraph 5 [1-2 Sentences]: A selection of reviewers, if requested.

            Paragraph 6 [1-2 Sentences]: A thank you for the editor’s time and consideration.


            Your Name

            Corresponding Author

            Institution Title

            Institution/Affiliation Name

            Institution Address

            Email address

            Telephone with country code

            另外關于Cover Letter投稿信的寫作,需要注意的是,一定要確保編輯和期刊的名字都拼寫正確,而且在寫作內容中也不要過于夸大其詞,內容精簡明了即可,也不用長篇大論,控制住篇幅。并且也要注意保持謙卑的態度,尤其重要的是所選期刊對投稿信的要求一定要滿足。相關的還可以了解一下sci的cover letter寫作技巧。