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            1、舉例:for example, for instance, as such, such as, take ...for example, to illustrate, to name a few

            2、轉折:not, yet, however, nevertheless, nonetheless, on the contrary, conversely, paradoxically, by contrast, in spite of,rather than, instead of

            3、原因:because, because of, as, since, owing to, due to, thanks to, for this reason

            4、常見:the most common form of, make it one of the most common

            5、解釋:in other words, in fact, as a matter of fact, that is, namely, in simpler terms

            6、對比比較:Likewise, Similarly, In parallel to, while, whereas

            7、結果:therefore, as a result, then, consequently, thus, hence, so, therefore, accordingly, consequently, as consequence

            8、本研究:in this work, in this test, our work, our present study, in this context, current research, our study, here, in this study, these data, these observations, these results

            9、之前的研究:previous studies, as previously described, from previously published studies, deciphered using the framework developed by previously, using previously described expression profiles

            10、強調:surprisingly, interestingly, intriguingly, strikingly, unexpectedly, clearly, obviously, apparently, in fact, indeed, actually, as a matter of fact, undoubtedly, notably, specifically, particularly, especially

            11、不足: remain poorly understood, have been difficult to, there is no clear indication, has not yet been fully investigated, despite these advances, it can be difficult to infer, it is unknown whether

            12、總結:consequently, in summary, in a word, as a result, together, collectively, thus, hence, consequently, on the whole, in conclusion, to sum up, in brief, to conclude, to summarize